Increase Your Curb Appeal

Increase Your Curb Appeal

The appearance outside of your business, your curb appeal, is one of the main reasons why customers will continue to frequent your store. The quote, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” doesn’t really apply here. If your business front is unsightly, unsanitary, and unappealing with an overload of rust, graffiti, grease, gum, and dirt, then customers won’t feel comfortable coming into your store. It’s time to increase your curb appeal!

When you increase your curb appeal, you protect your investment, attract new customers, and make all customers loyal. When you care for your business, your customers know you care for your product. Customers want to buy products that businesses care for. Glide Rite can help keep your business clean and successful.

Concrete (Sidewalks)

Concrete can be devastated by several natural factors. Even though it is fairly strong, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have weak points. Most sidewalks are made out of concrete (and few parking lots are now made of concrete as asphalt prices increase and make concrete more competitive.) If your business has concrete outside, then you’ll want to make sure it is clean and free of gum, grease, and dirt. Glide Rite is proficient in cleaning concrete so that it gleams and looks brand new.

Concrete has several erosion points. Erosion can create small cracks, flaking, or even serious damages to concrete. Typically, concrete will erode through chemical damages. By having your concrete cleaned regularly, Glide Rite will be able to clean away damage causing factors and protect the concrete for longer periods of time. Plus, we could save a lot of customers from getting hurt. People can trip and fall when there are cracks or gum on the sidewalk. Protect your concrete and protect your customers. Plus, you get to increase your curb appeal.

Asphalt (Parking Lots)

Asphalt is unique as it is typically used for parking lots, which means that it needs extra care as countless cars drive all over it and it braves the weather. Oils from cars are dangerous to asphalt. Diesel oil, motor oil, gasoline, antifreeze, and other chemicals that can leak onto asphalt can cause erosion. Plus, they leave unwanted stains! The best way to protect your asphalt from these predators is to have them cleaned right away. Luckily, Glide Rite has the perfect solution for keeping parking lots super clean and brand new.

Another unforeseen parking lot destroyer is sunlight. The sun can make asphalt softer which can cause it to deteriorate. Plus, excessive exposure to sunlight can turn asphalt gray and causes it to age very quickly. One of the best ways to protect your asphalt from sunlight is to have an asphalt paving company apply a protective sealant on a regular basis. Glide Rite can help protect the erosion of this sealant with scheduled cleanings.

One of the most damaging elements for asphalt is water. Heavy rainfall or poor drainage systems will erode asphalt quickly as the water moves over the surface. When water has chemicals in it from runoff, it is even more damaging. Having a protective sealant and proper drainage will help protect asphalt from water erosion.

Exterior of Building

The sidewalk and parking lot aren’t the only part of your curb that your customers notice; they also notice the exterior of your business’s building, too. This may be one of the most important places that you need to keep clean as a business owner. Unappealing things such as graffiti, rust, mildew, algae, and dirt can turn a customer away if not properly cared for.

You may have already read our blog featuring why it’s important to take care of graffiti that is left on the outside of your business. If it’s unintentional graffiti, you need to get rid of it. Read more about graffiti versus wall art here. Rust is another compound that should be watched for carefully. Rust forms when iron or steel come in contact with moisture and oxygen. It can cause serious structural damage and even building failure.

Fungus, algae, and mildew are all living organisms that can attach themselves to the outside of your building. They can cause serious damage and are often indications of damage that is already existent, typically of the water variety. They need a food source and moisture to grow. It is also unsightly and should be cleared away for the safety of your business and your customers immediately.

Glide Rite is proficient at cleaning sidewalks, parking lots, and the exterior of your building. We use state-of-the-art power washing equipment to get all the grease, gum, dirt, grime, and even graffiti out of concrete and asphalt. All these things are unappealing to customers. Increase your curb appeal with Glide Rite to bring in more customers to your business.

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