Power Washing Commercial Roofs

Power Washing Commercial Roofs

Commercial roofs are a huge property investment. Unfortunately, they can become extremely neglected because most roofs are “out of sight, out of mind.” There are two main reasons why commercial properties want to maintain a clean roof: 1) for cosmetic reasons and 2) out of necessity. Power washing roofs is not a task to entrust to just anyone or any company; Glide Rite has the education and tools necessary to quickly and efficiently clean all types of roof tops from shingled to membrane to metal, Glide Rite can sanitize any roof.

Cosmetic Cleanings

Cosmetic cleanings are typically straight forward; they are for curb appeal. These types of cleanings are usually performed on roofs that are not flat and can be seen from outside a building, but not always. Even flat roofs can require cosmetic cleanings. Even though a flat roof cannot be seen from a street-eye view, it can still disrupt curb appeal if it is left to accumulate dirt, bird droppings, pollen, pollution, mold, mildew, paint, and grime.

For flat roofs, cosmetic cleanings need to be performed to keep the sides of the building, sidewalk, and parking lot clean as well. The reason for this is when it rains, if a flat roof is not being properly maintained, all the dirt and grime accumulation on the roof will pour over the walls of the building, down the gutters, and onto the sidewalks and parking lots. The rain doesn’t clean the roof; it just disperses the dirt and grime elsewhere.

Cosmetic cleanings can be beneficial for a wide array of businesses. One of the most beneficial are those that have rooftop social gathering areas including: pools, patios, clubs, and more. These areas are frequently occupied by people and will have a high necessity for cosmetic cleanings. Construction sites may also wish to have their finished property power washed prior to selling in order to present the nicest product possible to their buyers.

There are also businesses that are extremely mindful of the indoor and outdoor cleanliness of their building. Depending on the scope of business, having an immaculate exterior lends to their practice. Glide Rite has found that several manufacturing companies are on top of their building’s power washing needs, never forgetting about the roof.

Necessity Cleanings

Some roofs require cleanings out of necessity, typically for commercial kitchens. Commercial kitchens experience a ton of grease output onto their roofs from their kitchen exhaust system. If a commercial kitchen does not have adequate grease containment, it can create a dangerous, greasy mess on the roof. Grease dumped out of a kitchen exhaust system that is left to sit on a rooftop can become an issue in four ways:

1) It can void roof warranties

2) It can deteriorate a roof

3) It can cause wastewater issues resulting in fines from the EPA

4) It is a serious safety hazard for anyone up on the roof

Other roofs require necessary cleanings due to damage. If a roof starts to show some wear and tear, there are times when a patch can be placed on the roof to keep it intact. However, these patches cannot be placed on a dirty roof. Glide Rite is proficient in power washing roofs that have damage so that the roof does not accumulate more damage. Once the roof is cleaned, the patch can be placed.

Keep Your Building Spotless with Glide Rite

Replacing a commercial roof can cost tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars. When a roof is not properly cared for, it will deteriorate past the point of getting a simple patch. You can’t trust just anyone to power wash your roof (or building for that matter). Power washing is a delicate art requiring the proper use of temperature, pressure, and chemicals specialized for each individual surface. You can trust Glide Rite. Our professional team of power washers has been educated in all things power washing for over 35 years. Contact us today to receive your free estimate: 817-807-0004