Bench & Bleacher Cleanings

Bench & Bleacher Cleanings

It’s the time of year to start thinking about cleaning your benches and bleachers. Whether it’s at a sports field, spectator event, park, university, garden, outdoor shopping mall, downtown district, or church, it’s an important part of your outdoor maintenance to ensure your benches and bleachers are clean.


Benches can often be overlooked or taken for granted, but when you’re walking outside in the hot sun and haven’t had water for an hour, then a bench is going to provide you a lot of relief. Most benches are found in parks, gardens, outdoor shopping malls, and downtown districts to provide walking relief for the many pedestrians that inhabit those areas daily.

Sadly, many benches aren’t well taken care of and can break or erode over time. Their erosion may come slowly, but to maintain their structure and integrity they must be cleaned regularly. While most benches are made out of wood, some are made out of aluminum, concrete, or synthetic materials. Unfortunately, benches can take a beating with people sitting on them, spilling on them, sticking their gum to them, and having to brave the elements.

That’s why Glide Rite is here to protect your benches and keep the public comfortable. Plus, if you maintain your benches, you maintain the appearance of where your benches are. This can bring in more customers to your locations, increase your curb appeal, and increase the amount of money each store makes.


Bleachers help provide seating for numerous events, mostly sporting events. Millions of people sit down on bleachers to enjoy sporting events every day. Glide Rite knows how to make all bleachers shine for the big upcoming sporting season. Make no mistake, bleachers need to be maintained just as much as any other structure. Most bleachers are made out of aluminum, while few are made out of concrete. Just like benches, if bleachers aren’t properly taken care of then they can erode and break, making them unsafe for public use.

Consequences of Not Cleaning

Aside from the consequence that benches and bleachers would become overwhelmed with dirt and grim if they weren’t cleaned regularly, there are some serious consequences that come too. One of the biggest consequences is that they will start eroding or oxidizing. Aluminum and steel are prone to oxidizing and erosion because they are metals. While they may seem like they are strong, they are also sensitive.

Cleaning metals can be a tricky business as they can get scratched and ruined easily if not maintained with the proper chemicals and pressure. Glide Rite knows exactly how to clean metals so that they are sparkly clean and maintain their integrity.

Typically, steel and aluminum metals are covered with a thin layer of chromium oxide which is what protects the metal from rusting and corroding. However, because it is a thin layer, it is important to clean away dirt and grime regularly to prevent the erosion of the chromium oxide.

Concrete is tricky as it can harbor deep, hard-to-clean stains, as well as dirt, grime, mold, and mildew. Usually the only way to get rid of stubborn stains on concrete is through pressure washing, which is what Glide Rite does best. If concrete isn’t cleaned properly or frequently enough, it can crack and erode; while it is tough, it is just rock after all!

Wood must be cleaned of dirt and grime to protect it from splintering and cracking. This protects the integrity of the wood as well as those who want to sit on it. Nobody likes going to sit down for a rest on a bench and getting a splinter or dirt on their clothes.

Trust Glide Rite to keep your benches and bleachers clean this spring and summer. Maintaining the integrity of your benches and bleachers extends their life, so you won’t have to replace them as often. Plus, keeping your business and area clean will increase your curb appeal.